Performance meets innovation. Gone are the days of the bumper, round rail foam surfboards. Our team of inventive shapers have replaced the boring foam surfboard with imaginative shape which includes 50/50 turned down bottom side rails, slightly more entry rocker, creative tail designs and never before seen shapes and sizes.


Greco Surf has invented a new technology that now promotes flex, while still maintaining strength. The new mesh netting system seen above permits the board to fluctuate when enduring a bumpy surface on a wave, but catches when the foam flex’s too much. In addition, the mesh netting system is fused into the core of the surfboard via sandwich construction of the foam for maximum strength.


Durability is the biggest concern of any foam surfboard owner. Amongst other things, our stringers clearly separate us from the rest with our new tri-core stringer construction. Our center stringer is now built from solid fiberglass tubing for ultimate stability in the center of the board (Center rod only included in the Eden, 2.0 and Light only). Our side stringers are made from one of the strongest trees out there, birch wood. This combination creates the strength and durability a foam surfboard needs.


Our new heated sealing system makes all our material snug tight. No glue was used on the entire board. Instead, everything is fused together by heat making all the binded edges welded shut so you don’t have to worry about water entry.